CAHP Statement: Response To Governor’s May Budget Revise Release

California Association of Health Plans (CAHP) President & CEO Charles Bacchi today issued the following statement in response to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s release of the May budget revise.

CAHP Statement: CAHP Releases Research Review On Northwestern University Finding that Medicaid Managed Care Lowers Drug Costs

The California Association of Health Plans today has released a research review of a recent non-partisan nationwide study conducted by a team of Northwestern University professors which found that allowing managed care organizations (MCO’s) to administer the majority of Medicaid drug benefits, as we currently do in California, significantly reduces state spending on prescription drugs.

CAHP Statement: CAHP Hires New Director of Regulatory Affairs and State Programs Analyst

The California Association of Health Plans (CAHP) today announced that Christina Wu is the association’s new Director of Regulatory Affairs and Ellesse Flores has joined the staff as State Programs Analyst.

CAHP Statement: Bill Designed to Lower Prescription Drug Prices by Cracking Down on Pharma’s Pay-for-Delay Schemes Passes Assembly Health Committee

AB 824, a bill that would curb increasing drug prices in Californiaby allowing more generic drugs to enter thehealth caremarketplace, cleared the Assembly Health Committee this afternoon. The measure, introduced by Assembly Health Committee Chairman Jim Wood (D-Santa Rosa)inpartnership with Attorney General Xavier Becerra, would prohibit “pay-for-delay” agreements where a pharmaceutical company transfers anything of value to delay a competitor’s research, marketing, or sale of a competing version of its drug.

CAHP Statement: Assembly Health Committee Passes Bill to Stop Third Party Payer Scheme from Driving Up Health Care Costs for All

Legislation designed toincreaseconsumer protection by reining-in a profiteering scheme operated by the dialysis and drug rehabilitation industries passed the Assembly Health Committee on a bipartisan vote.

CAHP Statement: New RunawayRx Infographics Explain California’s Drug Price Transparency Law and How It’s Working to Reveal How Rx Costs Impact Health Plan Premiums

RunawayRx today released two new infographics. One highlightskey implementation dates for California’s landmark prescription drug transparency law, SB 17, and the other revealsnew details about how prescription drug costs are impacting California health plan premiums.

CAHP Statement: CAHP Issues Response to Newsom's State-of-the-State Address

California Association of Health Plans President and CEO Charles Bacchi issued a statement today in response to Governor Gavin Newsom’s first state-of-the-state address.

CAHP Statement: CAHP Issues Statement Applauding Governor’s Bold New Health Care Agenda

California Association of Health Plans (CAHP) President and CEO Charles Bacchi made a statement regarding Governor Gavin Newsom’s new health care agenda.

CAHP Statement: CAHP Joins California Health Care Community In Joint Media Statement Opposing ACA Ruling

If one can take a moment to make their way through the partisanship, the politics, and the perceptions (right or wrong), the Affordable Care Act is really about just one thing: people.

CAHP Statement: Federal Court Ruling Striking Down ACA

CAHP President and CEO Charles Bacchi made a statement regarding the District Court decision in TX v. United States of America on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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