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Every day, the California Association of Health Plans works with state policymakers on issues impacting health care in the Golden State. Lawmakers, regulators, public program officials and opinion leaders are some of the key constituencies with whom we engage. On a regular basis, the CAHP team engages leadership in the Governor’s Office, Department of Managed Health Care, Medi-Cal and the Department of Health Care Services, and the California Health Benefit Exchange (Covered California). Sometimes our work includes engaging leaders in Congress and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

For questions about CAHP fact sheets, please contact ghyatt@calhealthplans.org.

CAHP Fact Sheet – Understanding Consumer Protections and Financial Uncertainty in the Era of Covid-19

May 4, 2020

CAHP Fact Sheet – California’s Health Plans Are Taking Decisive Action to Address the Coronavirus Pandemic

April 20, 2020

CAHP Fact Sheet – Technology and Convenience

Updated February 26, 2020

CAHP Infographic: California’s Health Care Dollar

February 5, 2020

Research Spotlight: Prescription Drug Costs: A Major Driver of California Health Plan Premiums

February 1, 2020

CAHP Fact Sheet – Preventive Care: Investing in Your Health

January 24, 2020

CAHP Fact Sheet – More Californians Stand to Gain Health Care Coverage With New State Policies Supported by Health Plans

October 10, 2019

Research Spotlight: Independent Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) Analysis of the Carve Out of Medi-Cal Pharmacy Services from Managed Care

May 8, 2019

CAHP Fact Sheet – New Benefit Mandates Will Drive Up Health Care Costs for All

May 7, 2019

CAHP Fact Sheet – California Health Plan Profit Margins: Lower Than You May Think

April 25, 2019

Research Review: Medicaid Managed Care Lowers Drug Costs

April 5, 2019

Infographic: How SB17 Works and Key Dates for 2019

March 13, 2019

Infographic: How Prescription Drug Costs Impact California Health Plan Premiums

March 13, 2019

Infographic: Understanding Health Plans’ Role in Pharmacy Benefit Delivery

February 15, 2019

CAHP Fact Sheet – Individual Shared Responsibility Requirement

February 1, 2019

Issue Spotlight: Elimination of the Individual Mandate: What it Means for California

Updated January 9, 2019

CAHP Fact Sheet – Spotlight on Medi-Cal Managed Care

January 9, 2019

CAHP Fact Sheet – Cal MediConnect: Managed Care for Dual Eligibles

Updated March 26, 2019

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