Implementation Guides

The following bills pose some potential implementation issues for our health plans:

AB 347 (Arambula-D): Step Therapy

AB 457 (Santiago-D): Telehealth Provider Act

AB 1184 (Chiu-D) Medical Information: Confidentiality

SB 221 (Weiner-D) Timely Access to Care

SB 242 (Newman) Health care provider reimbursements

SB 306 (Pan-D) Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Testing

SB 368 (Limon-D) Deductibles and Out-of-Pocket Expenses

SB 510 (Pan-D) Health Coverage: COVID 19 Cost Sharing

SB 535 (Limon-D) Biomarker Testing

Legislative Information

The following bills were enacted into law and while they were of interest to health plans we have no identified implementation issues at this time:

AB 713 (Mullin): California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

AB 890 (Wood): Nurse Practitioners: Scope of Practice: Practice Without Standardized Procedures

AB 1124 (Maienschein): Health Care Service Plans: Regulations: Exemptions

SB 852 (Pan): Health Care: Prescription Drugs