CAHP Fact Sheet: New Mandates Would Drive Up Premium Costs By $1.5 Billion

California’s health plans cover more than 26 million people and are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to high quality, affordable health care services. In 2022, California lawmakers are considering many new mandate bills that, as proposed, would altogether drive up premiums by $1.5 billion.

CAHP Statement: CAHP Responds to Governor’s May Budget Revise

Today, the California Association of Health Plans released the a statement in response to the Governor’s May revision of the 2022-2023 budget proposal.

CAHP Fact Sheet: Get the Facts on Big Pharma-Backed SB 1361

SB 1361 has been disguised as prescription drug cost-saving legislation that will benefit patients, but in reality, SB 1361 is a Big Pharma-sponsored bill that will increase premiums for all while doing nothing to rein in prescription drug prices. In fact, the bill actually clears the way for Big Pharma to continue increasing the prices of expensive brand-name drugs with no accountability.

CAHP Fact Sheet: No on SB 958

SB 958, sponsored by California hospitals, makes it even easier for them to markup the cost they charge patients for critical medications, causing higher health care premiums for all Californians.

CAHP Fact Sheet: Medical Management Protects Patients and Reduces Costs

Medical management practices such as prior authorization and step therapy are important tools used by health plans to ensure patients receive the highest quality medical care. With a comprehensive view of the health care system and each patient’s medical claims history, health plans ensure that medications or treatments prescribed are safe, effective, and affordable to meet each patient’s health care needs.

ICYMI – AHIP Study Shows Hospitals, Physician Offices Hike Prescription Drug Prices

A new study published this week by America’s Health Insurance Plans finds that hospitals and physician offices are hiking prescription drug costs for patients by thousands of dollars for the same drugs that can be purchased at a specialty pharmacy.

CAHP Statement: CAHP Welcomes New Covered California Executive Director, Thanks Outgoing Leader Peter Lee

California Association of Health Plans President and CEO Charles Bacchi today issued a statement congratulating outgoing Executive Director Peter Lee on his decade of service at Covered California and welcoming new Covered California Executive Director Jessica Altman.

CAHP Fact Sheet: California’s Health Care Dollar

The vast majority of health plan spending in California goes to pay for medical services like hospital and doctor visits, prescription drugs, lab tests, x-ray, and medical supplies. In 2020, health plans spent nearly $189 billion, or 87 cents out of every health plan dollar, on medical care.

CAHP Issues Statement on Governor’s 2022-2023 State Budget Proposal

CAHP today issued the following statement in response to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s release of the 2022-23 state budget proposal.

CAHP Press Release – ICYMI – Los Angeles Times: Leaked SoCal hospital records reveal huge, automated markups for healthcare

In a recent Los Angeles Times column, David Lazarus points out a disturbing practice among hospitals in California and across the country to markup drug and treatment costs on patient bills that reach upwards of 575% to 675%. These markups are so common, they are “automatically generated by the hospital’s software…Call it institutionalized price gouging,” Lazarus says.